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Simple yet powerful tools

Mash Ting!

Category: Games

Our first game is finally here!

See those things moving around laughing and taunting you? Mash them! Be quick though, these little beasts get quicker and meaner the higher your score! Not to mention they bring the whole gang with them!

Features different underwater backgrounds for each session, multiple enemies, multiple levels, and a cool soundtrack.

Estimated launch date: Now Available!

Life Tracker

Category: Lifestyle

Take control of your life! Track your mood on a daily basis and see how your “lifeline” evolves over time, be it today, a few months, even years. Choose from an abundance of different moods depending on what you’re currently feeling. You can be as detailed as you wish (track each hour), or as minimal as you wish (set your overall day to be whatever mood you were that day).

By keeping track of your days back to back, you’ll get an accurate representation of your historical “lifeline”. Use this powerful information to take any steps to ensure you get “back on track” (if in a lull), break out of a “meh” strut, or bask in the glory of your life that you can now visually see represented.

Estimated launch date: Available NOW on Google Play Store!

Streets DA – Density Altitude Calculator

Category: Automotive

Ever wonder what horsepower your car is actually making with the current weather conditions? Horsepower changes dynamically with the weather, typically for the worse in hotter and more humid climates while cooler, dryer weather yields more horsepower than rated. This app automatically takes the current weather conditions from your current location and calculates your density altitude (the air density due to temperature, humidity, and air pressure). This information is then used to calculate your vehicles current horsepower. A must have for any drag racer!

Estimated launch date: NOW AVAILABLE on the play store!

Simple Plate Calculator

Category – Health and Fitness

Tired of doing “plate math” in the gym? Does your fitness training program require certain weights for each set? This app calculates exactly which specific set of plates you need for your current set weight. Simply enter the weight and click the button to visually see which set of plates to add per side. The app only uses the plates you have on hand (from the configuration page), including the weight of the bar. All Olympic standard plate loadouts and bar weights are supported in both pounds and kilograms.

Estimated launch date: Available NOW on Google Play Store!

Coming soon

More Games!

With our first game out now, we have many more planned! Everything from side scrollers, shooters, and something real special with Unreal engine!

More simple yet powerful tools

Our immediate focus is to bring simple yet effective apps for individual needs (or whims!) in all aspects of life. Our Spring and Summer release schedule includes useful tools for numerous categories including automotive, personal, office, fitness, social media, and more. Visit our patreon page for development information or come back here for updates soon!

About Us

App Jumbie was created by Lenin Sambhudat with the goal of creating simple yet powerful apps for focus minded people. You ever find yourself doing something and wondered if there was an app for that?Or you did see some apps but wasn’t quite what you wanted? I aim to take ideas from everyday people and convert them into small yet powerful usable apps that everyone can enjoy.

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