Simple Olympic Plate Calculator

Following a certain training program? Have to work a certain weight for each set? Tired of doing “plate math”? Take the guessing out of which plates you’ll need with this app! See below on how simple and easy this is to use!

Home Page

The home page is where you’ll enter the weight in either pounds or kilograms. Press “Get Plates” and the app pulls from your current inventory and shows you visually exactly which plates you’ll need on each side of the bar. The bottom row also shows you the number of plates you’ll use in total for that weight. Simple!

Configuration Page

Here you’ll set up your loadout. Simply use the dropdown for each plate class to set how many you have. You can also set the bar weight and choose between pounds and kilograms. Once done, tap “Save Configuration”. Your loadout will be saved from here on out unless you change it.

Additional Options

Reset Weights – Tap here to reset all the weight quantities to zero.

Enable Gym Loadout – This is perfect if you’re at gym (as opposed to having a home gym setup). This will max out the common weights. The uncommon weights (such as 100lbs or 50kg) will be left at zero. You can also fine tune this loadout (maybe your gym does have 100lb weights) prior to saving configuration. Highly customizable!

Important notes:

Only Olympic bars and weights are supported in the app, hence the name. “Standard” bars weights may be added in the future, but right now the app is geared towards the person who works out at the gym or has a home gym setup with Olympic bars and weights (for deadlifting, bench press, squats, and any other compound exercise called by most 5×5 or similar training programs). “Standard” bars/weights despite the name aren’t really standard, only Olympic style bars and weights are actually standardized. You can tell if you have standard or Olympic weights by the holes and size of the bar. Olympic bars and plates are 2″ while standard bars/weights are 1″.

The kilogram scale is from (highest to lowest): 50, 20, 15, 10, 5, 2.5, and 1.25 with bar weights between 10 to 50 (in multiples of 5). 20 kg is generally the recognized standard for the bar.

The pounds scale is from (highest to lowest): 100, 45, 35, 25, 10, 5, 2.5 with bar weights between 10 to 50 (in multiples of 5). 45lbs is generally the recognized standard for the bar.

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